All Types of Olive

We have all types of olive which we import from all over the world. We select olive types carefully from high-level olive farms. AlDayaa olive is considered a paramount type of olive in taste and quality. It is carefully selected from the best farms in different countries exporting to us. The most important advantage is that all our types of olive serve to be a good appetizer, which is suitable to be presented with most types of foods.

Olives Slices hot mix with oil
olives With Carrots
Jordanian Olive with oil
Jordanian olive great
Jordanian olive Small
Green Olives Spanish
Black Olives Spanish
Black olive slices Spanish
Green olive slices Spanish
Olives stuffed Spanish
Olive Kalamata Jumbo
Olive Kalamata Egyptian
Egyptian Green sliced olives
Egyptian Black sliced ??olives
Olives stuffed with carrot pieces with oil 600 gm
Kalamata Olives 600 gm
Jordanian olives with oil 600 gm
Sliced Green Olive 600 gm
Sliced Black Olive 600 gm
Olives with dressings 600gm