Stuffed Pepper with Tasty Mixes

AlDayaa stuffed pepper is selected from the best types of pepper in the world which we import and present in the best packets to our dear customers who like our stuffed pepper. In addition to the various types of stuffed pepper, we are in the process of expanding our collection of products everyday through the addition of new products while keeping the same quality concept. We adopt the principles of health, cleanness, taste and quality as a golden rule for all our products under our paramount trademark. We usually respond to our customers requests, not only through preparing the stuffed pepper, but also with all various types of stuffed pepper which we present to those who love it.

Bell Pepper stiffed wit dressings & oil
Pepper stuffed with labna & oi
Bell Pepper stiffed wit hot Chilies, & oil
Bell Pepper stuffed wit dressings & oil 600gm