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Global Times for General Trading and Contracting Co. was established in 2004. It has achieved leading success and ranked itself among pioneer groups in Kuwait. Global Times deals through distinctive vision enabling it to be a pioneer in the field of food industry in the Gulf region. This is achieved through careful selection of its products resources from Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Spain and the rest of the world. It presents its high quality products from the producers to the consumers through highly secured systems. Global Times owns a modern huge organization equipped with highly tra...

العنوان : العارضية الحرفية - قطعة 2 - قسيمة 66 - المحل 4 - الدور الأرضى

فاكس : 0096522612711

الهاتف : 0096599811184

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صندوق بريد 419 الرمز البريدى 32005

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حولي - شارع بن خلدون - قطعة 7 - مبني 146 - مجمع عبدالله حسن الجارالله - مكتب 11 - الدور الثاني